ICCON Technologies revolves around the design and manufacture of purpose built control systems for a variety of applications.

Our custom controls for air conditioning and refrigeration systems are being deployed for the Department of Defence, Queensland Ambulance Service, and others.

Other control solutions for prisoner transport vehicles, ambulances, fire and rescue vehicles and service technician vehicles have been custom made and programmed for our government and private clients.

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Complete in-house engineering solutions
With over 25 Years experience in the commercial electronics industry, we have the solutions and expertise to supply, service and repair all your requirements.

Our Specialties



ICCON Technologies core business revolves around the design and manufactur of purpose built control systems for a variety of appliations. Cooling, freezing, filtration or humidity control, we have the answer.

When there is not an existing ‘off-the-shelf’ control solution available, ICCON will develop a solution to meet your requirements.

Electric: 12VDC – 48VDC – 240VAC – 415VAC

For small runs through to full production quantities, ICCON has in-house capabilities and supply chain connections for all aspects of the design and build.



ICCON Technologies has extensive experience with designing and building custom control systems for specialty vehicles and applications, including:

  • Prisoner transport vehicles
  • Ambulances
  • Fire and Rescue vehicles
  • Service technician vehicles

If you have specific performance criteria, then we can develop a solution for you.

With our local and international supply partners, we can offer vehicle solutions to suit all your needs.

Earthmoving and industrial vehicles are also in our focus. We manufacture rugged components that will handle the harshest of conditions and perform in all environments.

We can offer marine grade solutions as well.

Talk to us about your requirements and see how we can help.


From the ‘YELP’ of our dual channel Siren to the whisper of secure colleague communication, our range of electronic voic and data modules will get your message across.

  • Programmable sirens with integrated PA systems
  • Multi-compartment intercom systems
  • Vandal-proof hardware

With over 25 years experience in the commercial electronics industry, we have the solutions and expertice to supply, service and repair all your requirements.

Familiar wiht units from 12VDC to 415VAC, we have the team to deliver quality workmanship. We are also across your ‘on-site requirements’ including mining environments.

From reparis to complete installations, we can provide you with a viable solution.


ICCON’s in-house engineering capabilities along with relationships with both domestic and international suppliers enables ICCON to provide custom designed solutions alongside off-the-shelf systems to suit our client’s needs.


  • Tactile rocker and paddle switches
  • multi-coloured LED Displays
  • Colour LCD Displays
  • Colour touch and screen control
  • Push button functionality
  • or any combination of the above.

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